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JL-PJ-005C(2.5G InGaAs PIN):Photo Detector Diode  2017/3/27
JL-PJ-007C(2.5G InGaAs PIN) : Optical Detector Diode  2017/3/27
JL-PJ-008C(1.25G InGaAs PIN) : Optical Receiver Diode  2017/3/27
JL-PJ-025C(250um Monitor PD) : Photodetector Diode  2017/3/27
JL-PM305 : Photo Detect Diode Chips  2017/3/27
JL-PM805 : Photodetector Diode Chip  2017/3/27
JL-LB001C(650nm visible Laser Diode Chip);Power output:1mW TO products : Laser Diode Module  2017/3/27
JL-LD020P(808nm infrared TO CAN Laser Diode);Power output:200mW TO products : Laser Diode Module  2017/3/27
JL-LJ001C(1310nm 1.25G FP Laser Diode);Power output:1-5mW. TO products : Laser Diode Modules  2017/3/27
JL-LL001C(1550nm 1.25G FP Laser Diode chip) TO products : Fabry Perot Laser Diode  2017/3/27
JL-LL301 : Laser Diode Chip  2017/3/27
JL-LL501 : Laser Diode Chip  2017/3/27
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